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Cut from Canada AAA Beef.
Cut from Canada AAA Beef.

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Our local meat experts answer your in-store cut Canadian raised AAA beef questions.

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Expert Advice

Our experts at the Foodland Meat Departments can answer all your AAA questions, including what types of beef work best for the recipe you're creating, the amount you need and preparation suggestions.


The quality and consistency of our AAA Beef's juicy, marbled flavour doesn't need much marinading. However, if you are looking to tantalize tastebuds and heighten the beef's natural essence our experts can suggest and prep a marinade for you.

The Perfect Cut

If you need to feed a family of five for a week or are just looking for a select cut for an impressive dinner for two, we have you covered. We'll cut, trim, and suggest the cut you want in the perfect amount you need.

Tips from our meat experts

Canadian AAA Beef
Canadian AAA Beef

Canadian AAA Beef

What is AAA beef?

This is recognized by the Canadian Beef Grading Agency as one of the top tiers of beef products. For us, it means we are able to provide a quality product consistently throughout all our stores and more importantly to all our customers.

What is "marbling"?

Technically, it refers to the beef's intramuscular non-saturated fat. It enhances tenderness, juiciness, and provides flavour. Be on the lookout for well-marbled selections when choosing the cut you need.

Barbecuing Your Canadian AAA Beef
Barbecuing Your Canadian AAA Beef

Barbecuing your Canadian AAA Beef

What is the best steak for the BBQ?

This depends on personal preference and what it is you're looking to make with your beef. Beef medallions are great as a single portion for example, but skirt steak works best as a taco filling. Pay attention to marbling as this will ensure a moist and tender result.

What should I look for in steak thickness?

Steaks that are thin risk being grilled too quickly - which can result in dry and overdone beef. Steaks or medallions that are least 1-inch (2.5cm) in thickness are your best bet for even grilling.

Roasting Your Canadian AAA Beef
Roasting Your Canadian AAA Beef

Roasting your Canadian AAA Beef

What size of roast should I get?

Who is coming to dinner and how big of portions (or leftovers) do you want? Depending on those answers you can average 8 ounces (226g) per person. If your roast has a bone increase your calculation by approximately 30%. If you're still unsure or want a variety of cuts, ask your Meat Expert for advice.

How do I know when my roast is done?

To take the guesswork out, a top-quality meat thermometer is your best friend. Generally, for medium-rare is 145o F. For medium you'll want the temperature to reach 160o F.

Canadian AAA Beef | Foodland

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