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Proudly supporting women and women-owned businesses

At Foodland, we are committed to making diversity, equity and inclusion part of everything we do. Our local supplier program is a natural extension of this journey towards building an inclusive culture. By supporting women entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses, we are bringing greater diversity to our stores, our customers and in helping support the communities we serve. In addition to supporting local suppliers, we also support our franchisee network and recognize the amazing owners that work hard every day to improve their communities. Meet some of the inspirational female store owners behind your local Foodland.

Store Owners

Sherri Black

Sherri Black from Coldwater, Ontario

With over 33 years at Foodland, Sherri expresses her passion for her community by supporting local charities, schools, sports teams, and food banks. She also mentors young women, showing that there is no limit to what you can achieve. She leads by example and is truly a local legend.

Karine Boucher

Karine Boucher from Russell, Ontario

Karine has impacted her community by supporting local charities and providing a safe, inclusive environment for her customers and staff. Her positive outlook radiates throughout her store by providing customers with a personalized experience and showing younger generations that women can succeed in any role.

Toby Grieg

Toby Grieg from Elliot Lake, Ontario

Toby has worked tirelessly for her community not only by supporting non-profits and small businesses but by being an active and engaging leader. Toby wants to encourage and empower the upcoming generations to reach their goals. To her, that’s what being a female leader is all about.

Monica Temmler

Monica Temmler from Beeton, Ontario

Monica, our franchisee of 24 years at Beeton Foodland, is proud to serve her community by constantly going above and beyond to put her customers and staff’s needs first. She is a proud supporter of local businesses, the local food bank, local sports teams, and Matthews House Hospice. To Monica, being a leader means to lead by example and be respectful. She hopes to inspire more young women to achieve their goals and work towards their dreams. Monica loves what she does, the people she works with and the community she serves.

Beth Perry

Beth Perry from Petitcodiac, New Brunswick

Always ready to donate her time, Beth supports community initiatives and families in need. Local has always been a pillar in her everyday operations and that is proudly on display in a mural painted by a local artist. With previous experience in Human Resources, Beth empowers women through leadership, expressing empathy and embracing diversity.

Rhonda Victor

Rhonda Victor from Charlottetown, PEI

Rhonda’s passion for the community is her greatest motivator. She makes sure to stock her shelves with products created and sold by locals. Rhonda believes in creating a friendly atmosphere for staff and customers, further tying her store to the community.

Tina Woodfine

Tina Woodfine from Torbay, Newfoundland

Tina is a big supporter of her community by donating to food banks, sports teams, as well as purchasing from local farmers and businesses. Tina is thankful to have many strong independent women on her team and encourages them through reminders of how they can achieve anything they set their minds to.

Susan Ott

Susan Ott from Charles Forest, Nova Scotia

Throughout the pandemic, Susan put her community first by offering delivery to locals in isolation. She continues to go above and beyond in her day-to-day by seeking out local products, actively listening to staff and customers and continuing to make a positive impact in the community she loves dearly.

Brittany Pomeroy

Brittany Pomeroy from Whycocomagh, Nova Scotia

Brittany prides herself on making her customers feel welcome and supporting the community she serves. Leading by example, she encourages her teammates to engage in day-to-day positivity so members and neighbouring communities can shop in an atmosphere that feels like home.


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